Olin College of Engineering

💼 experience

I graduated Olin College of Engineering in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Engineering with a self-defined concentration in Computing and a GPA of 3.92.

What does that silly degree title mean? It means I majored in generalized engineering - for me, a synthesis of design thinking, systems analysis, and engineering modeling classes - and I specialized in computing - that is, specifically software not hardware.

I also minored in teaching & education, and spent a lot of time at school thinking about systems of education and how they could be better, and doing formal research on what it means to train teachers.

About Olin College

Olin is a small, new engineering college located outside of Boston.

Small - My graduating class was 87 students

New - Olin’s first graduating class was in 2006.

Core learnings

These are the principles from Olin that I still talk about and apply regularly.

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