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A curation of external (ie, not on this site) speaking and writing I’ve done. I’m in the slow process of turning many of these into internally-hosted articles or illustrated essays.


External Blog Links

Lightning Talks

  • Being Solo (Aug 2020)
  • Story Estimation: Whether to Point Chores (Jul 2020)
  • The Kubernetes Aquarium (Jun 2020)
  • Railway-Oriented Programming in Kotlin (Mar 2020)
  • How and Why to Write a Brag Document (Mar 2020)
  • Mob Programming (Feb 2020)
  • The Either monad (Jan 2020)
  • Lightning Debate - react-testing-library vs enzyme (Oct 2019)
  • D&D Communication Techniques (April 2019)
  • Highlights from the cutting edge of JavaScript (Mar 2019)
  • Why and how we do retrospectives (Jan 2019)

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